Children already enrolled and attending the Centre take first priority for any places that become available as do siblings of children attending.  Priority is also given to families requiring more than one day and families living in the Thornbury /Northcote area.  

Part of the Centres agreement with the Commonwealth Government to be eligible for Childcare Benefit is to agree to their guidelines. The Government provides guidelines in relation to access to the Centre that is prioritised according to need. These guidelines rank the list of priorities as follows:

 1st Priority: Children at risk of serious abuse or neglect.  

2nd Priority:  a child of a parent (or both parents if you have a partner) who satisfies the government’s work, training, study test.  

3rd Priority:  Any other child


 The Centre maintains a waiting list for families. The priorities of access are taken into consideration before offering the next available place to families.   Minimum requirement for under 3’s is 2 days.

 Each year every person on the waiting list is contacted by email to inquire as to whether they still require a place at the Centre. If they do not return the letter to indicate their interest within the specified time frame their name will be removed from the waiting list.