Blue room (Babies)

In Blue Room, we cater for children aged 6 months to 2 years. Our educators have many years of experience with reassuring first time parents and putting their minds at ease when bringing their little ones to childcare. At TLC, we understand it is a huge step and we feel that it is very important for you, the parent to feel comfortable in the surroundings, get a feel for the centre and educators as well as for your child, hoping they have a smooth transition. We also incorporate your routine from home into the centre such as sleep times and feeding times.

When children have settled into their new environment, the Blue Room offers a range of life long skills that these children treasure forever. These skills include independence, routine and development such as fine and gross motor, social, sensory, health and hygiene, cognitive and language. We incorporate activities in the Blue Room which helps build physical strength and motor coordination with daily experiences that allows the child to practice fine-motor skills, hand-eye coordination, hand and full body movement.

Some of the children might be a little wobbly when it comes to walking and we provide opportunities within the room also include the aid of walkers and support from their carers to get to grasps with both their gross and fine motor development.  

Language and communication development is most profound during a child’s first three years of life while the brain is developing and maturing. We provide first words activities that help children develop skills in an environment rich with sounds, sights, and consistent exposure to speech and language. Our Blue Room staff sing, read and talk to your child to help him or her with this critical development

We offer age-appropriate activities that stimulate and encourage the child to grow at their own pace that promote early social interactions and conversations, help develop facial expressions to communicate, and support self-identity. Other experiences include cooking and arts & craft.

The Blue Room children have a yard on their own where they can engage in different gross motor skills and explore the outdoor environment with their peers. There are age-appropriate experiences including a sandpit for them to enjoy.