Please read on to find answers to the most commonly asked questions from new families:  

How do I organise Child Care Subsidy for my child?

You must be assessed for child care subsidy.  This can be done by contacting the Family Assistance Office on 136150 or through your mygov account. You must provide the centre with your CRN (customer reference number) and date of birth if you are the parent/guardian who will be claiming CCS. The centre must also be provided with your child’s CRN and date of birth.  These details must be correct in order for our service to formally enroll your child. Once the child’s enrolment is formalised we can submit data to the department and they will determine how much child care subsidy will be deducted.

What if I don’t  have a CRN?

You need to contact FAO (family Assistance Office) and be assessed for CCS (Child Care Subsidy).  If you don’t do this you will not be able to claim CCS. The service will have to charge you full fees.  

When do I pay fees?

Fees will be deducted via direct debit fortnightly in advance. Forms are to be completed and handed in with children's enrolment form.  

How do I pay fees?

Parents are requested to complete a Direct Debit request form in order for payments to be deducted from parents allocated bank account or via credit card. 

How do I know how much to pay?

Once the child’s attendance is sent to CCMS they will respond with a report on how much CCS is paid.  Then you will be informed how much your weekly gap fee will be.  We have no way of knowing how much CCS will be deducted until attendance is sent in as sometimes a percentage appears on the child’s enrolment but may differ when attendance has gone through.  

CCMS only provides an estimate of deduction for new families until fees are processed. 

All invoices will be emailed to families fortnightly. 

Do I have to pay fees if my child is absent?

Yes, you do. Once you have accepted a place with us, fees are charged for all booked days whether your child attends or not. (sick days, holidays and public holidays)

Are make-up days given if my child is absent?

No, they are not. Any additional days are charged accordingly.  

What are allowable absences?

This is connected to child care subsidy.  FAO will pay child care subsidy for 42 absences per financial year. Public holidays are to be recorded as absences if your child’s day falls on them.  If your child exceeds this limit full fees will be charged.   

Do I have to pay fees if my child is on holidays?

Yes, you do.   

What if I want to change days or cancel my child’s place?

Parents must give 4 weeks notice in writing to reduce days or cancel child’s place.  In the case of cancellation, families will be charged for the 4 weeks period.

What happens if I don’t pay my fees?

The debt will be handed over to our debt collection agency and any additional costs incurred will be added to the outstanding amount.   Failure to pay can affect your credit rating.  

What happens if my child is sick with a fever or vomiting or diarrhoea the night before attending TLC?

Your child cannot be admitted to the centre.  For children suffering from any of the above they cannot attend for 24 hours after symptoms cease.  

What happens if my child requires medication?

It must be prescribed by a Doctor for staff to administer it.  If it is an over the counter medication, creams or lotions we must have a letter from a Doctor including name of medication, date and dosage before staff  will administer it.  All medications must be written up properly in the medication book before staff can administer medications. This includes creams and eye drops. For each time a dosage is required the medication book must be completed.  

My child has allergies and may not be able to eat food provided at the centre, what do I do?

You will be required to complete an allergy sheet and list all the foods your child cannot have/allergic to.  You must also provide a letter from a medical practitioner to confirm this.   

Do I need to pay fees for half days?

Yes, you do. Once children are left in our care and the parents leave the building fees are charged.  For half-day care, children need to be collected by 12 noon or else a full-day fee will be charged. Half days are only offered during first week of orientation process.