green RooM (Toddlers)

When the babies are ready, they begin transitioning to the next age group, Green Room. The Green Room has ample space to explore the environment and plenty of open ended play experiences. This room offers age/stage appropriate activities and allows children to move from solitary play to parallel play. These activities encourage communication between the educators and peers. 

It is important for this age group to engage in social interactions which encourages the development of linguistic and communication skills. Group time consists of stories, music & songs and games. This plays an important role as it allows children to sit together to engage in a group situation . Your child's emotional and social development is supported by educators in the room through the use of role play such as dress ups and home corner. 

We understand that each child is different and unique in terms of their development. Through the experiences in the Green Room, the children will develop fine and gross motor skills through table experiences such as puzzles, lacing, drawing etc. The children in the Green Room also engage in creative arts where they enjoy play dough and painting using different utensils. All these experiences will prepare your child before they move up to the Red Room.

In the Green Room we have qualified and experienced educators who can identify challenging behavioral traits and can provide the quality of care through a nurturing and understanding way. Our educators are well equipped in incorporating different approaches in order for your child to get the best of care through a very important stage of his/her life.

We also have a large outdoor play area where the children can engage in lots of different activities such as ball games, sand play, climbing and imaginary play in the home corner and bush kitchen. We also have an undercover area so we are still able to go outside even when it is raining and during the miserable winter months.