red rooM(PRE-Kinder)

When age/stage appropriate children from Green Room are ready, they begin transitioning to Red Room.  Once they feel confident, they move to the Red Room. The educators in the Red Room provide learning that is a little more complex and the children are more confident in their skills such as fine motor, gross motor, cognitive, social and emotional.

Some of the children who are moving up might still be toilet training but be reassured the educators have many years of experience with this. As the children are at different levels the educators work with families to develop different strategies that is the best approach for the individual child. 

Children in the Red Room are supported to develop their self-help skills, make choices on their own learning and display the ability to challenge themselves. Educators in the Red Room appreciate the complexity of social relationships between children and support the children to navigate through these daily. In this age group their development skills are purposefully considered by educators to assist each child to transition to the Yellow Room. 

The Red Room children will explore early literacy and numeracy concepts, gain an understanding and appreciation for the natural environment and take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing. We also have a large outdoor area where the children enjoy engaging in sensory play, gross motor and dramatic play.